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Nife’s Edge Ecosystem

A distributed public cloud, a fresh way of computing.

To have a robust, intelligent global infrastructure, it is vital to be updated with the ecosystem.
Be it software, hardware or the network, we partner with different patrons of the ecosystem to build an edge ecosystem.
Our patrons include massive Telecom operators, ISP, Content Delivery Networks, infrastructure operators, enterprises, data centres and local authorities.

Mobile Networks
Private Clouds
Public Clouds

With our partners' help, we are on a path to create a global platform - adaptable, unified and widely spread.
With the Public Edge, our customers get access to the infrastructure distributions world-wide, in every corner and every region. With these, we reach Billions of users and Trillions of devices.
Nife's Global Public Edge is a network of edge computing resources that host multiple environments, geographically distributed & locally deployable.
In a single aggregated access, developers can deploy workloads to resources from public clouds, mobile networks and other infrastructures.