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Latency doesn't just define user experience...

But it is expensive. Data travels at the speed of light. This distance between cloud data centers and your end-users may seem insignificant, but every mile matters to applications that measure performance in units smaller than milliseconds.

Cloud but Closer

A simpler way to extend the applications to a location, extremely close to the user be it densely populated locations or a spot out of town. A moving cloud with the application and user.

Global Territory

Accelerate the services to any location be it CDN, Cloud, Telco, Co-location, or even on-premises. We have it all covered, ready to onboard you.

Application Need Driven

Applications dictate the infrastructure needs. Enrich the application by telling us the needs - geolocation, latency, resilience, or scale - all at your command.


Easy workflow to make your applications Move

Define the application - services, ports, and configurations.

Map your initial starting point and let us scale your application to those regions.

Monitor, Inspect and Manage. Dictate the platform to schedule and alert, Relax, your application is now performing

What you want to deploy?

From Containers to Functions to MicroVMs we are ready to power even the Telco Orchestration needs from MEC to MANO to ORAN beyond the edge cloud!

Ready for a Competitive Advantage?

Nife allows developers to focus on building a great product and constantly innovating without worrying about managing and optimizing infrastructure operations compared to a traditional cloud.